Field Day 2023...

June 24 to 25, 2023 1:00 PM to 1:00 PM 24 Hours

The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club in partnership with the WSC is pleased to announce the co-hosting of the 2023 Field Day event at the newly renovated WSC clubhouse. All amateurs are invited to come by and join the fun. Bring along any friends to find out what Amateur Radio is all about as we participate in the ARRL Field Day. We will have multiple operating stations running in different bands and modes including voice, CW, and some digital modes like FT8 on HF, as well as a VHF/UHF satellite and terrestrial operations.

Are you a new radio operator? Do you find operating HF daunting? Would you like to see what these new digital modes are all about?

Field Day, while a contest promoting emergency preparedness, is also a fun event. Come out to Field Day and see what it is all about or bring your own Field Day setup and try it. Sit with experienced operators, who will guide you along the process of making that first HF contact. Show you how to log entries in a contest and what information to exchange. Learn the difference between hunting or running.

Or come out for the social aspect. Enjoy a day of fellowship with your fellow radio operators. There will be a BBQ, beverages, and snacks for all who want to venture out for a fun-filled event that will surely be a hit throughout the day and night. Perhaps even some pizza later into the evening for those operators who stick it out.

Field Day operations this year will be mainly held inside so there will be no fear of foul weather or flying annoyances. As a bonus and if the weather is good, we will have an outdoor station on the front driveway to make contacts and to show the public what Amateur radio is all about.

Of course, we are always looking for volunteers, but more importantly, we need operators that would like to be involved in the event. The plan is to run, in combinations, 3 stations at a time, including an IC-7700 for Phone & CW, an IC-7300 for digital modes, a Flex internet connected radio - phone or digital, WARC’s IC-7300 as a public use demo station phone or CW and a satellite station. Then as a contest within a contest, we will be operating on VHF /UHF simplex and activating the Worked all Winnipeg Award.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please feel free to contact WSC and we will be sure you get some airtime. Preferred operating times will be set on a first to sign up basis. Viewable only - Schedule located on the WSC web site in the club documents/all documents area. If the idea of a contest is a little freighting to you, and you do not run a radio, then maybe assisting with the logging is for you. Loggers are always needed. Then perhaps, we can get you on the air later in the day.

Book this 24-hour period into your calendar now, so you will have no excuse not to come out and have fun with radio!! We are looking forward to seeing you there. Remember when all else fails… Amateur Radio!

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Field Day is a chance for the public to come and see Amateur Radio operators in action as they set up their stations in public places like parks and schoolyards and communicate with each other around the globe with methods from Morse Code to satellite or Moon-Bounce.

- see Ham radio's latest developments

- digital, satellite, internet linking - learn what it takes to get your own Amateur Radio Certificate.

- Can you text faster than a Ham can send Morse code? - Come take the challenge!

Some of our previous Field Day Operators....


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